mobile advertising

Viuer’s mobile advertising network has a number of unique features that allow advertisers to target the right audience, at the right place & time not only in automotive vehicles but also at specified locations. At Viuer, we have developed valuable technology partnerships that allow us to trigger both push-notifications and native mobile ads to passengers inside both minicab & rideshare vehicles. Also, with our third party app publishers, we can trigger mobile ads from other applications that carry our SDK.


proximity-location based ads

With the use of the technology provided by our partners at Nexen, we can deliver campaigns to passengers inside both minicab and rideshare vehicles as soon as they enter or exit the vehicle. Time-lags may also be implemented so that passengers receive the ads after a specified period of time after the completion of their trip.

nexen location based.png

in-app native ads & push ads

With our in-app native ad features we can display a number of different campaigns inside our third-party applications. We can also send out push-notifications to target audiences through our third party applications without their identity being disclosed. This allows companies to collaborate by targeting the user-base of the other applications and vice versa.


research & data gathering ads

With the use of a third-party technology, we can provide data gathering and market research from our passengers. We do this by setting up specific surveys that both the passengers and the drivers fill out in return for a variety of different marketing incentives.