tablet display advertising

Viuer originated from the use of tablets screens which display relevant static and dynamic advertising content to rideshare passengers. It now serves hundreds of customers through its partnerships with large international agencies. Viuer has the power to capture very large audiences in a very short period of time. Below are some of the features Viuer can provide with it’s in-vehicle display screens in rideshare vehicles.


Geo-location based advertising

With the use of Geo-Location based targeting, viuer can target specific passengers inside rideshare cars at the right place at the right time. This feature is highly effective for local businesses in hyper-competitive markets.


market research & data capture

Viuer’s partnership with third party mobile market research applications, allow it to capture relevant data for both small and large businesses directly from targeted rideshare passengers in many different cities. It is a very effective market research solution.


highly-interactive dynamic ads

It’s highly interactive dynamic ads displayed on the tablets installed in the headrests of the vehicle are very engaging with the rideshare passenger community. We find that over 80% of passengers are somewhat curious about the displays; therefore, they engage.