Does Viuer Provide the Hardware/Tablets?

All hardware and tablets should be provided by the drivers. Viuer offers a service where they will rent and install the tablets in your vehicle; however, this is all done at an additional cost.


How much can a driver earn per month using Viuer?

How much a rideshare driver earns using the Viuer advertising system depends on the number of ads they display. Each driver will be assigned to multiple Adverts. The more ad campaigns they are assigned to, the more they earn.


How much do the ads on Viuer costs?

The cost of rideshare ads on Viuer depends on the package the advertiser required and the number of drivers that will be displaying the ad. You may select and filter your desired packages on the Viuer platform. 


How does the Geofence functionality work?

Geofences are customized selections of city zones that are used to target adverts to specific areas within a city. Advertisers may select the areas on the form at checkout.


What are interactive ads?

Viuer partners with other advertising software providers to bring about the best advertising technology available to rideshare passengers. Interactive ads are displayed on tablets in such way that there is a very high level of engagement between the viewer and the tablet.