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Rideshare Vehicles & Digital Transparent Glass Advertising


Rideshare Vehicles & Digital Transparent Glass Advertising

The wave of the future is coming to rideshare vehicles near you. The concept of rideshare vehicles alone are an advancement as they help people safely get from one location to another. Rideshare vehicles also allow passengers to access special geo-targeted ads courtesy of in-vehicle ads. These ads are displayed on installed tablets or iPads. These ads are also accessible via the passenger’s personal smartphone or other mobile device.  Rideshare vehicle drivers now have the opportunity to target a completely different group outside of the vehicle through Digital Transparent Glass Advertising.

Digital Transparent Glass Advertising 

Advertising comes in many forms. It is possible to see ads while watching TV shows, listening to music, reading magazines and newspapers, you can even find ads whilst scrolling through your favorite social media apps. Developers have been working on another means for advertising, transparent glass. With this new technology, marketing agencies have the ability to have ads projected onto transparent glass on rideshare vehicles. 

How it Works

The technology involves the installation of a specialized device and material on the side rear windows of participating rideshare vehicles.  The material placed on the glass is custom made to fit the vehicle’s window(s) to its exact shape and size. The material on the windows allows for the display of digital ads while the rideshare vehicle is in operation but not while passengers are in the vehicle. Furthermore, the material placed on the windows does not prevent for the normal use of the window, such as opening and closing the window.  As the name suggests, Digital Transparent Glass Advertising, the passengers and driver of the vehicle can see out the windows with no obstruction. 

Pros to Digital Transparent Glass Advertising

There are numerous advantages to the use of Digital Transparent Glass Advertising in rideshare vehicles. Just a few of the pros include:

Geo-targeted Ads – The ads projected onto the transparent glass are specially targeted to different restaurants, stores, and entertainment venues within the route of the rideshare vehicle.

Eye-catching Display – The eye-catching, dynamic ads displayed on the windows of rideshare vehicle’s grab the attention of pedestrians who see the vehicle driving past. When surveyed, more than 40% of pedestrians noticed these ads when rideshare vehicles using the new technology drove around highly-populated metropolitan cities. People are also attracted to the ads when the rideshare vehicle is stopped at lights or pulled over on the side of the road to pick up or drop off a new fare. 

Increased Impressions & Conversions – Companies can benefit from the increased number of impressions and conversions that are a direct result of the Digital Transparent Glass Advertising. Rideshare drivers who drive around densely populated and crowded cities can see record breaking increases when compared to other means of advertising. One reason for this is almost 25% of people surveyed recalled the brand names used in the advertisements.

Ease of Use – Digital Transparent Glass Advertising is easy to use by the driver, as well as the companies interested in the technology. Drivers can control the ads via a remote control, while companies can monitor new and old campaigns, monitor impressions, and much more.

Advertising is essential for the success of companies of any size. With Digital Transparent Glass Advertising rideshare drivers have a new way to earn additional income with their vehicles. Furthermore, marketers have the ability to use digital ads on rideshare vehicles to reach pedestrians using targeted ads based on geolocation.  This can result in increased impressions which can turn observers of the digital ads into new customers. The future of advertising is here and everyone has the opportunity to benefit.


The Benefits of Rideshare Ad Company Partnerships


The Benefits of Rideshare Ad Company Partnerships

Ridesharing is big business around the globe. Based on statistical data, the top three ridesharing countries are China, the United States, and the United Kingdom, respectively. Notable rideshare providers include Uber, Lyft, and minicabs. In 2016 alone there were approximately 40 million active rideshare passengers each month. Around the world, assorted companies took note of this popular mode of transportation and realized it was an untapped resource for marketing. 

What Assorted Ad Agencies Realized

People searching for an alternative mode of transportation were not the only ones to take note of the new rideshare service. Companies such as Viuer recognized that rideshare vehicles were an untapped resource for advertising agencies. They envisioned how the popular mode of transportation would be an invaluable tool for advertising purposes.  With that in mind, Viuer created an in-vehicle advertising platform that ad agencies could utilize to get their ads in front of their client base.  Through the simple installation of iPads and/or tablets advertising agencies have a larger opportunity to reach out to current and potential customers.

When digital media agencies use Viuer’s platform they can have their ads placed in front of passengers when being transported by rideshare vehicles. Passengers can see ads related to their location and businesses in the vicinity with even more accuracy, courtesy of geo fencing. Geo fencing is a digital marketing tool that is highly effective in pinpointing a smartphone user’s geographic location. For passengers using the tablets and/or iPads installed in rideshare vehicles by Viuer those locations are even more accurate. Furthermore, when passengers choose to interact with the ads that show up on the in-vehicle devices, or their personal smartphones, this increases the number of impressions and conversions for those ads. When this occurs, the companies displaying their ads in rideshare vehicles can increase their bottom line.

Rideshare Expansion & Its Impact on Ad Agencies

As the number of rideshare drivers around the world enters the hundreds of thousands, and users in the billions, the opportunity for increased audience reach is extensive. Marketing teams and ad agencies can utilize direct advertising, with the ever increasing rideshare fleets, to get their ads seen by a much broader audience.  They also have the capabilities to get very specific in their targeting of current and potential customers.

Viuer and other rideshare ad agencies are realizing the best way to capitalize on this new marketing arena is to work together. Viuer has already partnered with an assortment of marketing platform groups, ad agencies and rideshare companies to maximize audience reach. Through a joint effort between these groups the potential for everyone to obtain their advertising and financial goals increases exponentially. 

Rideshare Users Benefit

When companies expand their marketing reach and increase their conversion rates and number of impressions they are making gains. There is another group that benefits tremendously from in-vehicle rideshare advertising, the passengers. Passengers that turn to Uber, Lyft and the like have the ability to reap the rewards of this new form of digital marketing. Rideshare passengers who interact with direct ads have the ability to earn free items, discounts, and other perks for local establishments.

As long as rideshare advertising companies partner together in an effort to expand their reach, everyone involved in the process benefits. 



Viuer and Instal Partnership to Change Rideshare Advertising

Viuer is a company that understands the importance of smartphones and smart devices for people around the global. The average owner of a smartphone is on their device for approximately 3.5 hours a day. This number is only expected to increase with each passing year. What do the users of devices do while on their smartphones? According to research 90% of the time smartphone users are using the internet it’s through APPs. Users of tablets aren’t far behind devoting 77% of their internet time on APPs. Armed with this knowledge Viuer and Instal have decided to join forces and bring native APP advertising to passengers of minicabs and rideshare vehicles.

Viuer and Rideshare Advertising

Since it’s outset, Viuer has been working in conjunction with the likes of popular rideshare services, Uber and Lyft to help businesses of all sizes get their ads in front of rideshare passengers. Rideshare advertising is a huge industry that continues to expand exponentially. Most recently Viuer also teamed up with the likes of minicab to expand the reach of businesses to potential customers in both the UK and the USA. 

Viuer’s advertising marketing platform allows businesses to have their ads displayed on smart devices installed in participating rideshare vehicles. Passengers view targeted ads that are relevant to their location and not just mass marketed ads. While on a trip from the office to a restaurant, shopping mall, airport and the like passengers are served up the opportunity to engage with ads related to local business establishments. Utilizing geo-fenced targeted campaigns businesses can put into play targeted ads for potential customers. 

With the number of rideshare vehicles registered with Viuer globally averaging anywhere from 120 to 270 per city the marketing reach for businesses continues to increase. Businesses are seeing their number of impressions and conversions increasing. Furthermore, they are gathering invaluable data which aids in the creation of future ads. 

Instal and Native APP Advertising

The founders of the company, Instal, also understand the importance and the possibilities that lie in the hands of smartphone and tablet users. Their mobile marketing platform focuses on the games and APPs that so many smart device users install and use on their devices. The most important aspect to Instal is their usage of native advertising. 

Studies have proven that native advertising in APPs receive a significantly higher engagement rate than traditional banner ads. With a 20 to 60 percent higher engagement rate it is easy to see why this type of advertising is preferential for rideshare advertising. In addition, retention rates with native advertising are higher by three times the alternative. Overall, Instal’s marketing platform has the ability to help businesses get in front of, and acquire new customers and clients, but also increases the chance to retain said client bases. 

Joining Forces – Viuer & Instal

The partnership of Viuer and Instal is going to be a game changer for in-vehicle advertising. Utilizing the best of both marketing platforms businesses will see an increase in their client base and ROI. With thousands of rideshare vehicles and minicab drivers installing the Viuer tablets, which are using the native APP advertising, businesses will surpass their previous numbers related to client base acquisition and retention. It is important to note that businesses will also benefit from the traditional mobile banners and other innovative ad formats available with Instal. The biggest winner in the partnership between these two successful mobile marketing platforms will ultimately be the numerous passengers using minicabs and rideshare vehicles globally.



Viuer Expanding its Rideshare Driver Network

Viuer is a company that provides drivers of rideshare vehicles with the opportunity to make extra cash through in-vehicle advertising. Their innovative marketing platform is used by Uber, Lyft, and cab drivers around the globe.  Viuer has vehicles equipped with tablet advertising in cities throughout the UK and U.S.A. Recently Viuer expanded the number of rideshare vehicles utilizing their tablet advertising by 10,000 vehicles.

The Impact of the Expansion

Prior to this massive expansion rideshare vehicles around the globe were already numbering from around 120 to well over 270 vehicles per city. With 10,000 additional vehicles added between the United Kingdom and the United States the opportunity for marketers to get their marketing campaigns seen by an even larger section of the population increased drastically.

Companies in search of a larger reach, including multinational agencies, will have the opportunity to use this unassuming form of advertising to garner higher conversion rates and increase overall impressions. Agencies will also have the ability to target potential and repeat customers globally, instead of focusing on just the local market. 

The number of additional vehicles alone will benefit companies and agencies looking to expand their reach. As the Viuer platform also incorporates the utilization of geofencing this is yet another way marketing strategists can get in front of even more potential clients in very specific locations.

When looking at this on the global level it is possible to see how ridesharing advertising can increase its ability provide marketing agencies with the ability to interact with more people as well as better understand what they need and want. The data that is collected from ridesharing passengers who interact with these auto ads can lead to agencies offering them increased bargains and deals.

The Bottom Line

Viuer is a company interested in far more than professional gains. Viuer continues its mission to help rideshare drivers increase their revenue stream as well as helping advertisers get their video ads in front of more viewers. Through the simple installation of tablets utilizing Viuer’s advertising platform, rideshare drivers benefit as do the companies taking advantage of  this rideshare advertising platform. The addition of more than 10,000 vehicles to their network can only lead to the capturing of multinational agency campaigns and larger advertising accounts.



Viuer Partners with Mincabit

In the world of ridesharing advertising platforms Viuer is among the best. Viuer’s innovative technology has allowed numerous companies and marketing agencies to get their ads in front of rideshare passengers using both Uber and Lyft. Now the in-vehicle advertising leader is expanding its reach by partnering with Minicabit.

What Is Minicabit?

People need to use a taxi or a cab from time to time. In those instances it can be difficult to find the lowest rates possible without spending a lot of time making random phone calls. Minicabit has come in to save a person from the time and aggravation that goes into locating the cheapest fare from one location to another. Here’s how it works.

The potential passenger enters all relevant information including:

Locations for pickup & drop-off

Date & Time

Number of passengers (luggage if applicable)

Once this is complete a list of quotes appears for the passenger(s) to choose from. These quotes come from active cab and taxi drivers around the UK. All that remains is for the potential passenger to select the cab that best fits their needs. With 50,000 vehicles in the Minicabit network - minicab passengers are going to benefit from the competitive prices offered from the assorted local rideshare vehicles. 

Benefits for the Partnership between Viuer and Minicabit

The partnership between Viuer and Minicabit is one that is going to benefit all parties involved. Viuer has the opportunity to expand the number of auto ads that taxi passengers view and interact with during their ridesharing trips. This can lead to increased impressions for the companies and agencies that turn to Viuer’s ridesharing advertising platform for their marketing needs. 

Passengers have the opportunity to benefit from the lowest cab fares available via the easy to use Minicabit. Passengers also benefit from the reduction of stress and time associated with finding the lowest rates for cab rides available. Furthermore, passengers that book a ride with a vehicle tablet advertising offered by Viuer have the opportunity to see and interact with ads during their travels. These ads may allow them to receive free offers or discounts from assorted establishments near to, or where the passenger is being dropped off.

The big winner in the partnership between Viuer and Minicabit is the passengers that turn to ridesharing vehicles when they need a ride. Passengers get the rides they need to and from airports, restaurants, other businesses, and private homes. 



Using Geo-Targeted Ads for Client Base Expansion

In the business world if you want to keep, and/or expand, the client base you have you need to understand the importance of marketing. It is essential to have a marketing team that understands the tools and techniques from the past need to be updated. It is essential for a company to remain relevant and in the forefront of the consumer market to help ensure their continued success. One of the current ways companies, such as Nexen, is helping brands reach their client base is via geo-targeted ads.

Why Geo-Targeted Ads Matter

Unlike other forms of advertising, geo-targeted ads are exactly that, they are targeted to potential customers in a specific area. Nexen helps marketing teams reach their client base via the use of beacons. Beacons are devices installed within ridesharing vehicles. While a passenger is traveling from their pickup location to their final destination, a signal from the beacon is sent to the passenger’s smartphone or other mobile device. This signal, which triggers geo-targeted ads, only reaches the user’s device if the Bluetooth technology is turned active.

The geo-targeting aspect to beacon advertising helps brands initiate interaction with consumers during their daily commute. When the ad or notification pops up on the user’s device they are given the opportunity to ignore it, exit our, or interact. For the curious, these ads are not random or sent out to just anyone. The ability to determine the user’s current location allows companies to interact with potential customers in the area. The idea behind geo-targeted ads is to reach potential customers in the moment. 

As a provider of out of home mobile entertainment, mobile device users have the ability to use the open network, the beacons afford, for countless purposes. It is possible to get geo-targeted ads for sports, gaming, comedy, dining, shopping and so much more. The targeted individual will receive an announcement that triggers brand and consumer engagement in real time. If the consumer is interested in the announcement or ad shown they could follow through with answering a survey, watching a video, or clicking a link. The ultimate goal is for the consumer to make a purchase which leads to further targeted ads and loyalty rewards.

From a business point of view, geo-targeted advertising has the potential to expand a brand’s reach exponentially. When looking at the practice from the consumer’s perspective, this type of ad will assist individuals in getting the deals and benefits they want exactly when they want them most. Even if that interaction starts from catching a lift from a rideshare provider like Uber or Lyft.




As a company, we are not trying to replace the use of smartphone devices on rideshare vehicles; alternatively, we are providing an advertising solution that will not only attract the eyes of potential customers, but more importantly will convince them to interact with the adverts on a level that has not yet been done before with modern day physical ads. This interaction not only increases the level of engagement with the tablet, but also serves as a medium for entertainment. Studies have shown that when entertainment is combined with advertisement, the effectiveness of the adverts increases by over 200 percent. Entertainment builds emotion and creates an experience. When you are able to create an emotional experience, the viewer is more likely to remember whatever message the advertiser is trying to impose. At Viuer, we believe that technology has allowed advertisement to be taken to a whole new level of engagement. This has been clearly applied on the internet, but now that we have access to internet connectivity pretty much anywhere, we can begin to apply these effective internet ads on a physical level as well by the use of tablet devices. Technology and the internet has allowed companies and advertisers to guide their audience wherever they choose to. With modern day websites we can control where we want our customer to go and what we want them to look at by using unique layouts, colors, figures among other tools. Moreover, we can extract data such as number of clicks or conversions, number of views or impressions, time spent on each page, and much more in order to accurately measure the effectiveness of each advertisement. By using tablet devices, we can also begin to extract this data on a physical level and potentially charge companies for adverts only by conversions. This decreases the amount of investment companies spend on physical adverts and sequentially increases their return on investment. Internet application to physical ads is the future of advertisement and Viuer believes that its presence in rideshare vehicles is just the beginning..



How does Viuer benefit everyone?

Viuer connects riders with great real-time deals and entertainment. 

Drivers are able to earn more money from work that they are already doing.

Advertisers are able to influence the buying decisions of their target audience by delivering real-time, contextual ads and the ability to purchase (with clicks) on the device.

Viuer creates a better service for Uber as it becomes an additional service for their clients during transportation.

On the other hand, it creates a marketplace that helps rideshare drivers increase their income without increasing their expenses, by allowing relevant advertisers to rapidly launch ad campaigns in a targeted, timely and measurable environment divided in three main categories (UberX/XL , EXEC, LUX ) and also into 3 individual times segments (morning, afternoon, evening) to riders using our unique proprietary entertainment platform. Companies (advertisers, ngo etc.) benefit through getting superior information about customers preference. With Viuer rideshare entertainment and advertisement, everybody wins; drivers, advertisers and passengers.



Competitive Advantage

Viuer’s competitive advantage comes from our IT technology department, which allows us to craft a custom mix of both relevant content and targeted advertisement in the back of your Uber. 

However, it doesn’t matter if that ride is from home to a night on the town, your daily shopping run from work to the grocery store or going to your favorite pub to watch the big game. 

We are able to provide statistical data to our clients (advertisers) that enables them to determine the content and advertising which passengers are likely to find most interesting, and engaging. Moreover, it allows them to track the effectiveness of each individual AD display as well as their mobile application. 

Viuer is new, so was Uber, so was Google. Early adopters benefit from being the first to market. Don’t let your company or brand fall behind. Contact us to start a campaign and begin building a relationship with one of the most revolutionary companies to innovate in the physical advertising space. 

We recognize the potential of implementing such platform on rideshare vehicle and the impact as well as the benefits it can have on a company such as Uber. Thankfully, the UK Driver fleet is on our side, as an independent contractor. Uber drivers are the commanders of their own transportation companies. The same way Uber connects you to passengers as a general dispatcher would, Viuer connects the client to advertisers who want to advertise in the city that you live in.



Why is having Ads/Apps inside rideshare vehicles a big deal for your business?

Uber is growing so quickly that their name, which is German for “Super” has become a verb. For example, the phrase I am “Ubering” to the office” or “I will take an Uber” are now really common phrases. Uber claimed to have an approximate 500,000 individual users only in London. Additionally, in London alone, they are expecting to have over 42,000 drivers by March of next year. By taking into consideration our statistical average after interviewing over 100 individual drivers, we concluded that there is an average of 1.5 passengers per trip and an average of 20 trips/day. This translated into 400 trips/mo assuming 20 working days, equates to a total potential of 25,200,000 viewers/mo.

Looking at global statistical data provided by Uber in the Article pulished by (, we can assume a total global potential of 1.35 billion viewers/impression per month. 



Can Uber Ads be the next big thing for the AD Agencies?

Uber as a company has grown so rapidly that the actual name of the company has now become a verb in and of its own. Passengers and Uber clients are beginning to use the phrase "Uber it" as I will Uber my way home or we will"Uber it" to your house. Viuer estimates roughly nearly 400,000 rideshare drivers in the United States alone, and close to 1 million of the same throughout the entire world. At the end of last year they estimated a growing pase of 50,000 drivers per month continuing to climb exponentially. This means that in the unites states alone, there are around 2,000,000 trips per day in the Unites States alone.

What exactly does this mean for the Ad agencies and companies?

This gives us a total of approx. 1,460,000,000 possible impressions to capture in the United States alone. These impressions are validated, and come with a great amount of data regarding the purpose of the captive audiences trip. Brands from pharmaceuticals, consumer package goods, food, brews, finance and retailers should be jumping for joy. Transparent digital outdoor advertising with metrics has arrived. Welcome to a world with Viewswagen. - See more at:



Viuer is the new rideshare advertising platform

Rideshare advertising is the latest trend for innovative advertisers. Vehicle Advertising with Viuer is the perfect medium to communicate your ads with potential customers. Although some brand might benefit more than others using this platform, it is a growing marketing system with a lot of potential. If you drive for Uber, this is your chance to make additional profit with no extra work. - See more at: