Marketing agencies have found numerous ways to promote their customers goods and services. They have utilized the old standbys of print, television, and radio for decades. In the mobile, instant gratification generation in which we live now, they have been forced to investigate new areas. For this very reason auto ads, in assorted ways, has become a standard option. Some of the most common types include rideshare advertising, beacon ads, and car wrap advertising.

All about Rideshare Advertising

Most people have heard about ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft. Other ridesharing services include traditional cabs. The difference between the two, from a marketing standpoint, is the ability of the drivers to use their vehicles as means to help a media agency share ads with their passengers. 

Courtesy of companies such as Viuer, companies have started tapping into in-vehicle advertising. When a passenger gets into an Uber they may see a pre-installed tablet or iPad for their use.  While on their trip in the vehicle from one place to another the devices will display both interactive and static ads. These auto ads are geared toward the specific locations in which the vehicle travels and the passenger(s).    

While the passenger is in the vehicle they can interact with the ads on the iPad or tablet and receive a host of special offers and deals. This helps the company expand its reach, generating a larger audience and the passenger gains a host of benefits through their interactions. Furthermore, for participating in rideshare advertising the driver of the Uber vehicle receives monetary compensation. In-vehicle advertising offers everyone the opportunity to get what they desire.

Reaching the Masses with Beacon Ads

A beacon can be considered a source of light which draws attention to something; a prime example is a lighthouse. When it comes to mobile ads, beacons are a devices installed in rideshare vehicles, that offer geo-targeted ads to passengers. These ads are displayed on the passengers tablet or mobile device via Bluetooth signal. Devices without Bluetooth technology turned on, will not receive any ads.

For the companies utilizing this form of beacon advertising, they have access to a metrics dashboard. The dashboard provides them with essential information crucial in the generation of ads for targeting potential and current clients. On the flipside, the passenger that interacts with the ads appearing on their device obtains something as well. 

As many of these ads deal with OOH (Out of Home) Entertainment, the mobile user will view an announcement regarding a new movie, show or the like. Through their interest in the ads and their interaction they have the opportunity to purchase items and upon the conversion of said item, are later offered other discounts or freebies. Many people consider this a perk of being loyal to a brand. Companies, such as Nexen, which offer beacons to rideshare drivers and the like, are clear in that when the passenger interacts with the beacon generated ads their personal information is never stored on the beacon.

The Wonders of Car Wraps

Car wraps are not a new concept. Anyone that has seen a NASCAR race or even just one of the vehicles used in the races has seen corporate logos on vehicles. Other people may have seen them on the side of a cab or bus. In addition to in-vehicle ads, companies like Viuer are turning to car wraps. 

Car wraps are an easy way for companies to get their brand out to the masses in a simple way. The wraps are placed on the vehicles and everywhere the driver goes, people will have the opportunity to view the wrap. This type of ad can be changed out easily and has the potential to reach anywhere from hundreds to thousands of people. With the brand ad in an individual’s subconscious that may cause the individual to look for the company online, social media, or ask their family and friends about said brand.

Ever Evolving

 As long as there is the need for a media agency, types of advertising will take on many forms. It is blatantly clear that through the creation of  in-vehicle and beacon ads, as well as car wraps, that they means by which companies get their name out there is ever evolving. This can only lead to better opportunities for all involved including the companies, drivers, and targeted current and potential consumers.