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Competitive Advantage

Viuer’s competitive advantage comes from our IT technology department, which allows us to craft a custom mix of both relevant content and targeted advertisement in the back of your Uber. 

However, it doesn’t matter if that ride is from home to a night on the town, your daily shopping run from work to the grocery store or going to your favorite pub to watch the big game. 

We are able to provide statistical data to our clients (advertisers) that enables them to determine the content and advertising which passengers are likely to find most interesting, and engaging. Moreover, it allows them to track the effectiveness of each individual AD display as well as their mobile application. 

Viuer is new, so was Uber, so was Google. Early adopters benefit from being the first to market. Don’t let your company or brand fall behind. Contact us to start a campaign and begin building a relationship with one of the most revolutionary companies to innovate in the physical advertising space. 

We recognize the potential of implementing such platform on rideshare vehicle and the impact as well as the benefits it can have on a company such as Uber. Thankfully, the UK Driver fleet is on our side, as an independent contractor. Uber drivers are the commanders of their own transportation companies. The same way Uber connects you to passengers as a general dispatcher would, Viuer connects the client to advertisers who want to advertise in the city that you live in.