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Viuer Expanding its Rideshare Driver Network

Viuer is a company that provides drivers of rideshare vehicles with the opportunity to make extra cash through in-vehicle advertising. Their innovative marketing platform is used by Uber, Lyft, and cab drivers around the globe.  Viuer has vehicles equipped with tablet advertising in cities throughout the UK and U.S.A. Recently Viuer expanded the number of rideshare vehicles utilizing their tablet advertising by 10,000 vehicles.

The Impact of the Expansion

Prior to this massive expansion rideshare vehicles around the globe were already numbering from around 120 to well over 270 vehicles per city. With 10,000 additional vehicles added between the United Kingdom and the United States the opportunity for marketers to get their marketing campaigns seen by an even larger section of the population increased drastically.

Companies in search of a larger reach, including multinational agencies, will have the opportunity to use this unassuming form of advertising to garner higher conversion rates and increase overall impressions. Agencies will also have the ability to target potential and repeat customers globally, instead of focusing on just the local market. 

The number of additional vehicles alone will benefit companies and agencies looking to expand their reach. As the Viuer platform also incorporates the utilization of geofencing this is yet another way marketing strategists can get in front of even more potential clients in very specific locations.

When looking at this on the global level it is possible to see how ridesharing advertising can increase its ability provide marketing agencies with the ability to interact with more people as well as better understand what they need and want. The data that is collected from ridesharing passengers who interact with these auto ads can lead to agencies offering them increased bargains and deals.

The Bottom Line

Viuer is a company interested in far more than professional gains. Viuer continues its mission to help rideshare drivers increase their revenue stream as well as helping advertisers get their video ads in front of more viewers. Through the simple installation of tablets utilizing Viuer’s advertising platform, rideshare drivers benefit as do the companies taking advantage of  this rideshare advertising platform. The addition of more than 10,000 vehicles to their network can only lead to the capturing of multinational agency campaigns and larger advertising accounts.




As a company, we are not trying to replace the use of smartphone devices on rideshare vehicles; alternatively, we are providing an advertising solution that will not only attract the eyes of potential customers, but more importantly will convince them to interact with the adverts on a level that has not yet been done before with modern day physical ads. This interaction not only increases the level of engagement with the tablet, but also serves as a medium for entertainment. Studies have shown that when entertainment is combined with advertisement, the effectiveness of the adverts increases by over 200 percent. Entertainment builds emotion and creates an experience. When you are able to create an emotional experience, the viewer is more likely to remember whatever message the advertiser is trying to impose. At Viuer, we believe that technology has allowed advertisement to be taken to a whole new level of engagement. This has been clearly applied on the internet, but now that we have access to internet connectivity pretty much anywhere, we can begin to apply these effective internet ads on a physical level as well by the use of tablet devices. Technology and the internet has allowed companies and advertisers to guide their audience wherever they choose to. With modern day websites we can control where we want our customer to go and what we want them to look at by using unique layouts, colors, figures among other tools. Moreover, we can extract data such as number of clicks or conversions, number of views or impressions, time spent on each page, and much more in order to accurately measure the effectiveness of each advertisement. By using tablet devices, we can also begin to extract this data on a physical level and potentially charge companies for adverts only by conversions. This decreases the amount of investment companies spend on physical adverts and sequentially increases their return on investment. Internet application to physical ads is the future of advertisement and Viuer believes that its presence in rideshare vehicles is just the beginning..




Viuer is the new platform for rideshare advertising and entertainment. Our team focuses strongly on creating new and innovative ways to advertise static and dynamic content using tablet devices with online access. By using a tablet, Viuer engages their clients about 100 times more than a general modern day advert would. As a new generation, we understand the applications that tablets and modern day smartphones can be used for. That being said, by applying the same concept globally inside rideshare vehicles, we can increase the effectiveness of physical ads by replacing them with tablet devices. At Viuer, we are not only trying to provide marketing solutions for companies, we also strive to create a memorable traveling experience for our passengers.