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Viuer and Instal Partnership to Change Rideshare Advertising

Viuer is a company that understands the importance of smartphones and smart devices for people around the global. The average owner of a smartphone is on their device for approximately 3.5 hours a day. This number is only expected to increase with each passing year. What do the users of devices do while on their smartphones? According to research 90% of the time smartphone users are using the internet it’s through APPs. Users of tablets aren’t far behind devoting 77% of their internet time on APPs. Armed with this knowledge Viuer and Instal have decided to join forces and bring native APP advertising to passengers of minicabs and rideshare vehicles.

Viuer and Rideshare Advertising

Since it’s outset, Viuer has been working in conjunction with the likes of popular rideshare services, Uber and Lyft to help businesses of all sizes get their ads in front of rideshare passengers. Rideshare advertising is a huge industry that continues to expand exponentially. Most recently Viuer also teamed up with the likes of minicab to expand the reach of businesses to potential customers in both the UK and the USA. 

Viuer’s advertising marketing platform allows businesses to have their ads displayed on smart devices installed in participating rideshare vehicles. Passengers view targeted ads that are relevant to their location and not just mass marketed ads. While on a trip from the office to a restaurant, shopping mall, airport and the like passengers are served up the opportunity to engage with ads related to local business establishments. Utilizing geo-fenced targeted campaigns businesses can put into play targeted ads for potential customers. 

With the number of rideshare vehicles registered with Viuer globally averaging anywhere from 120 to 270 per city the marketing reach for businesses continues to increase. Businesses are seeing their number of impressions and conversions increasing. Furthermore, they are gathering invaluable data which aids in the creation of future ads. 

Instal and Native APP Advertising

The founders of the company, Instal, also understand the importance and the possibilities that lie in the hands of smartphone and tablet users. Their mobile marketing platform focuses on the games and APPs that so many smart device users install and use on their devices. The most important aspect to Instal is their usage of native advertising. 

Studies have proven that native advertising in APPs receive a significantly higher engagement rate than traditional banner ads. With a 20 to 60 percent higher engagement rate it is easy to see why this type of advertising is preferential for rideshare advertising. In addition, retention rates with native advertising are higher by three times the alternative. Overall, Instal’s marketing platform has the ability to help businesses get in front of, and acquire new customers and clients, but also increases the chance to retain said client bases. 

Joining Forces – Viuer & Instal

The partnership of Viuer and Instal is going to be a game changer for in-vehicle advertising. Utilizing the best of both marketing platforms businesses will see an increase in their client base and ROI. With thousands of rideshare vehicles and minicab drivers installing the Viuer tablets, which are using the native APP advertising, businesses will surpass their previous numbers related to client base acquisition and retention. It is important to note that businesses will also benefit from the traditional mobile banners and other innovative ad formats available with Instal. The biggest winner in the partnership between these two successful mobile marketing platforms will ultimately be the numerous passengers using minicabs and rideshare vehicles globally.



OOH Mobile Entertainment / Advertising: A trend or here to stay?

We see it every day, people rushing from one place to another with their smartphone or other mobile device in their hand. Their main intent when invented was to offer a means to contact a family member, friend, boss, or colleague when on the go. Do people still use their chosen mobile device for communication purposes, of course they do, but that is not where their usage ends.

Today those mobile devices are used for much more. One of the top uses is OOH mobile entertainment. People turn to their mobile devices to enjoy their favorite out-of-home entertainment. No longer do people have to be at home to watch their favorite movie or TV show. It is even possible to watch concerts and sporting events. All from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet! 

People living in a metro area are much more apt to get on their mobile device to entertain themselves.  Let’s be truthful, if you are subjected to riding a bus, subway, taking an Uber or a Lyft from home to work, the commute can be rather dull. OOH mobile entertainment makes those daily commutes much more pleasurable. 

Bring on the Beacons!

Accessing OOH mobile entertainment does require some technology. In the world of smartphones and Wi-Fi that will not come as a shock to many. The latest device used by companies, such as Nexen, is the beacon. The beacon is a device installed in airports, subway stations, and most recently in ridesharing vehicles such as Uber. The main object of the beacon is to send geo-targeted-ads to mobile devices, one example is Uber passengers.  The beacon connects to the user’s mobile device through its Bluetooth functionality and an app. It can then send mobile ads to the user which relate to the Uber passenger’s current location.

Here is a potential scenario. An individual hires an Uber to go from work to home. On the ride the Uber passenger is looking at their mobile device. With beacon advertising the passenger will get push notifications for discounts, or deals, to a nearby restaurant, bar, or Starbucks. The passenger may choose to use the discount and make a stop at Starbucks before continuing home.

In another scenario one of the beacon ads might encourage the Uber passenger to watch the official trailer to a movie releasing soon. With nothing better to do the Uber passenger watches the trailer on their mobile device and is then rewarded after leaving feedback on the video. This reward might include access to the movie’s entire soundtrack via streaming service or free download. In other cases, the viewer of the trailer might receive a discount on theater tickets to see the movie.

Everyone Benefits!

When it comes to OOH mobile entertainment and beacon technology everyone wins. Busy individuals with lengthy commutes have the ability to be entertained as well as obtain discounts and deals on assorted goods and services. Brands using beacon advertising have access to invaluable data which can help with marketing and consumer targeting. As long as people have mobile devices and easy access to goods and services, OOH mobile entertainment will only continue to increase in popularity. In turn beacon advertising by companies, such as Nexen, will increase in use.



Why pay for billboard fixed space when you can have a mobile one?

Viuer's rideshare advertising allows ad agencies and companies to place their ads both in the interior and exteriors of rideshare vehicles. Each vehicle travels an average of 8 hours a day mostly in city center where there is an enormous concentrated volume of people. Rideshare advertising allows companies to increase the effectiveness of their advertisement campaigns by increasing the amount of impressions per dollar spent on the ads. It is a new innovative way to advertise and with its trip summary, our advertisers can receive statistical data about where the vehicles has traveled. This means they are able to know exactly where the campaign was advertised in every single trip. With rideshare vehicles, the opportunities for advertising our endless. Join Viuer today as an advertiser and begin increasing the effectiveness of your ad campaigns and ad expenditure. Welcome to Viuer, the innovative advertising platform of the future. 


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Viuer believe that "free" ad supported rides will be the next big thing in rideshare concept. It is inevitable due to the fact that ride prices keep on lowering. That will continue to be the trend and the only alternative in the near future will be advertisement.

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Can Uber Ads be the next big thing for the AD Agencies?

Uber as a company has grown so rapidly that the actual name of the company has now become a verb in and of its own. Passengers and Uber clients are beginning to use the phrase "Uber it" as I will Uber my way home or we will"Uber it" to your house. Viuer estimates roughly nearly 400,000 rideshare drivers in the United States alone, and close to 1 million of the same throughout the entire world. At the end of last year they estimated a growing pase of 50,000 drivers per month continuing to climb exponentially. This means that in the unites states alone, there are around 2,000,000 trips per day in the Unites States alone.

What exactly does this mean for the Ad agencies and companies?

This gives us a total of approx. 1,460,000,000 possible impressions to capture in the United States alone. These impressions are validated, and come with a great amount of data regarding the purpose of the captive audiences trip. Brands from pharmaceuticals, consumer package goods, food, brews, finance and retailers should be jumping for joy. Transparent digital outdoor advertising with metrics has arrived. Welcome to a world with Viewswagen. - See more at: