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Ways companies benefit from different forms of advertising.

Companies of all sizes have a need for advertising. Small local businesses that depend solely on word of mouth will not generate as much business as businesses with a well put together advertising campaign. Hiring a media agency or a marketing team can help steer the owners of a company into the correct advertising direction.

Types of Advertising
When it comes to advertising it is possible to list numerous types. Some options companies turn to include print ads, television and radio ads, as well as billboards. Brands also search for engagement with their potential and current customers via social media ads, street advertising, car wrap advertising, and smart phone and tablet advertising.

Each type of advertising offers a different reach for a company. Most people are aware that ads viewed on television or in mass printed publications reach a much larger audience than the likes of car wrap, smart phone and tablet advertising. The key difference between these mass advertising campaigns found on TV and those on smart phones is typically the number of impressions and conversions.

Audience Reach
Reaching the right audience is essential if a brand wants to get the right impressions, leads, and conversions. Mass media ad campaigns might generate a large number of leads but if the brand is not conveniently located, conversions, or sales, may never occur. How many times have you viewed an ad on television only to attempt to locate that company in your area? Your search finds you falling flat. Either the company is not local or they are not offering the deal or service offered in the ad. This can lead to frustration with a particular brand.

One way that companies can solve this dilemma incorporates more targeted ad campaigns. One way to do this is to reach people via car wrap advertising. Although there is no hard and fast way to calculate the number of impressions this type of ad may generate, it is very true that when a vehicle drives around with a car wrap ad, interest is piqued by those that live in the area in which the vehicle travels.

Another type of advertising that has a higher success rate when it comes to geo-targeted ads is tablet advertising. It has become commonplace for ridesharing companies, such as Lyft and Uber, even some cabs, to install iPads and tablets onto the front seat headrests in a vehicle. These devices are then visible and accessible by passengers being transported in the backseat.  What makes these devices more effective for advertising campaigns is that the ads that appear on the devices are specifically targeted to people living and working in specified locations.

Ads can pop up for local business establishes ranging from cafes, to restaurants, bars, stores, and even entertainment venues. The passenger might recognize a location they have seen but never visited. The person may be curious and thus clicks on the ad, starting viewer engagement. The viewing of that ad could result in a potential lead and often times to conversions. By simply having the option to share very location specific ads in ridesharing vehicles, brands can reach and establish new relationships with a new customer. Furthermore, by offering discounts, freebies, or assorted deals following a purchase, brands can increase customer loyalty.

Brands of all sizes have a plethora of advertising options at their fingertips in our current day and age. Companies with a more forward thinking idea regarding advertising, such as Viuer, can assist companies in getting their ads seen in a more geo-targeted way, via auto ads and car wrap advertising. One key benefit to potential customers is the reduction in customer frustration when a mass ad on TV fails to deliver for a very specific location.



Why pay for billboard fixed space when you can have a mobile one?

Viuer's rideshare advertising allows ad agencies and companies to place their ads both in the interior and exteriors of rideshare vehicles. Each vehicle travels an average of 8 hours a day mostly in city center where there is an enormous concentrated volume of people. Rideshare advertising allows companies to increase the effectiveness of their advertisement campaigns by increasing the amount of impressions per dollar spent on the ads. It is a new innovative way to advertise and with its trip summary, our advertisers can receive statistical data about where the vehicles has traveled. This means they are able to know exactly where the campaign was advertised in every single trip. With rideshare vehicles, the opportunities for advertising our endless. Join Viuer today as an advertiser and begin increasing the effectiveness of your ad campaigns and ad expenditure. Welcome to Viuer, the innovative advertising platform of the future. 



How does Viuer benefit everyone?

Viuer connects riders with great real-time deals and entertainment. 

Drivers are able to earn more money from work that they are already doing.

Advertisers are able to influence the buying decisions of their target audience by delivering real-time, contextual ads and the ability to purchase (with clicks) on the device.

Viuer creates a better service for Uber as it becomes an additional service for their clients during transportation.

On the other hand, it creates a marketplace that helps rideshare drivers increase their income without increasing their expenses, by allowing relevant advertisers to rapidly launch ad campaigns in a targeted, timely and measurable environment divided in three main categories (UberX/XL , EXEC, LUX ) and also into 3 individual times segments (morning, afternoon, evening) to riders using our unique proprietary entertainment platform. Companies (advertisers, ngo etc.) benefit through getting superior information about customers preference. With Viuer rideshare entertainment and advertisement, everybody wins; drivers, advertisers and passengers.