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Rideshare Vehicles: The Next Generation of Billboards

Television commercials, print ads, and billboards have all been common means for advertising. Commercials are also prevalent with some digital streaming services. In the age of technology, marketing teams and advertisers are looking for new ways to reach the consumers they depend on for their livelihood. In recent years, numerous agencies are finding ways in which to use vehicles for their advertising needs. One type of automotive advertising has been around for years, car wrap advertising. Another more recent form is rideshare advertising. The question many people are asking is as follows: can vehicle advertising legitimately work?

Car Wrap Advertising and NASCAR

NASCAR was not the first industry to use car wrap advertising but anyone familiar with the sport knows how effective it has become. Advertisers willing to pay the fees to have their brand, logo, or company mascot added to a NASCAR vehicle get to promote their company for the entirety of a season. Being a NASCAR sponsor is not cheap, but the long reaching benefits of the exposure to millions of NASCAR fans could be considered priceless to some.

Businesses of all sizes are coming to realize the intelligence behind car wrap advertising. Businesses can hire car owners to wrap their car in their company logo for additional exposure. The business will pay an individual to drive around with their car wrapped in their brand or logo and in turn get targeted advertising whenever the driver is on the road. 

Before running out to become the next vehicle billboard there are requirements to getting involved in car wrap advertising.

Driver must be 18 or older with a valid driver’s license

Vehicle must be in good condition and properly insured

Driver must be willing to drive a minimum of 1287 km (800 miles) per calendar month

Driver must not object to signing a binding contract prior to advertising for a company

Although not a requirement, drivers that live in, and drive around highly populated areas are deemed as more effective. The more distance covered and people that view the car wrap ads the more leads and returns the company receives. When it comes to car wrap advertising it is truly a win-win situation. Drivers have the ability to supplement their income if they are willing to alter the appearance of their vehicle with a car wrap and drive a predetermined distance while businesses get a mobile billboard advertising their products and services. It is not a stretch to imagine more vehicles traveling the streets with company adverts placed on them in the future.



Can Uber Ads be the next big thing for the AD Agencies?

Uber as a company has grown so rapidly that the actual name of the company has now become a verb in and of its own. Passengers and Uber clients are beginning to use the phrase "Uber it" as I will Uber my way home or we will"Uber it" to your house. Viuer estimates roughly nearly 400,000 rideshare drivers in the United States alone, and close to 1 million of the same throughout the entire world. At the end of last year they estimated a growing pase of 50,000 drivers per month continuing to climb exponentially. This means that in the unites states alone, there are around 2,000,000 trips per day in the Unites States alone.

What exactly does this mean for the Ad agencies and companies?

This gives us a total of approx. 1,460,000,000 possible impressions to capture in the United States alone. These impressions are validated, and come with a great amount of data regarding the purpose of the captive audiences trip. Brands from pharmaceuticals, consumer package goods, food, brews, finance and retailers should be jumping for joy. Transparent digital outdoor advertising with metrics has arrived. Welcome to a world with Viewswagen. - See more at: