Since the inception of rideshare services, Uber and Lyft, more and more drivers are turning to the service as their job. In some cases, deciding to be an Uber or Lyft driver is out of necessity. The driver might have another job that does not provide them with enough income for their survival. Now, thanks to advanced technologies, Uber and Lyft drivers have the ability to supplement their income when driving passengers around. Do these drivers need to have yet another job? No, no additional job is required. All that is needed to supplement their income is the willingness to install an iPad or tablet for passengers in the backseat to use during travel.
 Just install an iPad or Tablet?
It is important to note that simply installing an iPad or tablet into a vehicle used for Uber or Lyft is not all that needs to be done. The driver needs to contact an agency, such as Viuer, to help them with rideshare advertising. That is what the iPad or tablet is used for, in-vehicle advertising.
The process is rather easy to understand. An Uber or Lyft driver that is interested in rideshare advertising contacts Viuer. If the driver does not have an iPad or tablet, it is possible for Viuer to supply the device. Once the devices are installed the staff at Viuer will ensure that advertisements for different brands will be transferred to the iPads installed in the rideshare vehicles. With the devices installed and the ads ready for display all that is needed are passengers.
When a driver picks up a passenger to take shopping, out to eat, to a movie, or home the passenger will view the devices installed in the Uber or Lyft. These passengers have the ability to see geo-targeted ads on these devices. With a bit of engagement, the passengers will have the opportunity to see new and special ads for assorted brands. The passengers can opt to engage with the ad through viewing a video, answering questions, commenting, or making a purchase. The engagement between the passengers and the ads is tracked via impressions and conversions.
The only thing that the Uber or Lyft driver needs to do to make money is continue to pick up passengers and allow them to use the installed devices. At the end of a month, the Uber or Lyft driver gets paid directly from Viuer. It truly is that easy to generate extra income without expending any additional energy. Drivers that make the decision to get involved in rideshare advertising have the ability to earn a couple hundred to $600 a month! If you are an Uber or Lyft driver, or you know someone who is, consider getting in on Uber advertising and earn extra cash with no additional work.