We see it every day, people rushing from one place to another with their smartphone or other mobile device in their hand. Their main intent when invented was to offer a means to contact a family member, friend, boss, or colleague when on the go. Do people still use their chosen mobile device for communication purposes, of course they do, but that is not where their usage ends.

Today those mobile devices are used for much more. One of the top uses is OOH mobile entertainment. People turn to their mobile devices to enjoy their favorite out-of-home entertainment. No longer do people have to be at home to watch their favorite movie or TV show. It is even possible to watch concerts and sporting events. All from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet! 

People living in a metro area are much more apt to get on their mobile device to entertain themselves.  Let’s be truthful, if you are subjected to riding a bus, subway, taking an Uber or a Lyft from home to work, the commute can be rather dull. OOH mobile entertainment makes those daily commutes much more pleasurable. 

Bring on the Beacons!

Accessing OOH mobile entertainment does require some technology. In the world of smartphones and Wi-Fi that will not come as a shock to many. The latest device used by companies, such as Nexen, is the beacon. The beacon is a device installed in airports, subway stations, and most recently in ridesharing vehicles such as Uber. The main object of the beacon is to send geo-targeted-ads to mobile devices, one example is Uber passengers.  The beacon connects to the user’s mobile device through its Bluetooth functionality and an app. It can then send mobile ads to the user which relate to the Uber passenger’s current location.

Here is a potential scenario. An individual hires an Uber to go from work to home. On the ride the Uber passenger is looking at their mobile device. With beacon advertising the passenger will get push notifications for discounts, or deals, to a nearby restaurant, bar, or Starbucks. The passenger may choose to use the discount and make a stop at Starbucks before continuing home.

In another scenario one of the beacon ads might encourage the Uber passenger to watch the official trailer to a movie releasing soon. With nothing better to do the Uber passenger watches the trailer on their mobile device and is then rewarded after leaving feedback on the video. This reward might include access to the movie’s entire soundtrack via streaming service or free download. In other cases, the viewer of the trailer might receive a discount on theater tickets to see the movie.

Everyone Benefits!

When it comes to OOH mobile entertainment and beacon technology everyone wins. Busy individuals with lengthy commutes have the ability to be entertained as well as obtain discounts and deals on assorted goods and services. Brands using beacon advertising have access to invaluable data which can help with marketing and consumer targeting. As long as people have mobile devices and easy access to goods and services, OOH mobile entertainment will only continue to increase in popularity. In turn beacon advertising by companies, such as Nexen, will increase in use.