The Future of Ridesharing

We have truly reached a point in our history where things are becoming more like a science fiction movie.  There was once a time where driverless cars were only featured in movies, television shows, and cartoons. Today, driverless cars are a reality. These automated cars are now on the road in different countries around the globe. They offer riders a new car experience as well as potentially becoming real competition for ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft.

Lyft Takes a Step into the Future

In early December, Lyft introduced driverless cars to its ridesharing client base in Boston. Smartphone users now have the opportunity to have a vehicle arrive to drive them around with no human driver in the car. This leaves the rider to have an entirely automated experience. Instead of having a Lyft driver to converse with, explain where you need to go, the passenger would deal with an automatic driver experience.

Rider Freedom

With self-driven cars the freedom and independence of rideshare passengers could flourish. The elderly or those unable to drive would have a means to get around without feeling completely dependent on another person. In essence, if Uber adds self-driven vehicles to its fleet of drivers, or if other companies branch out and create their own line of driverless ridesharing vehicles, passengers using these services would almost be driving a vehicle all their own. That is without the expense of car ownership.

Get More from a Ride in Automated Cars

There are other benefits to riding in an automated vehicle other than getting around on an almost independent level. Uber, Lyft, and other companies utilizing driverless cars can also include tablets or iPads in their vehicles to offer in-vehicle advertising. Companies such as Viuer, ensure these advertising mediums are placed in these vehicles. As a passenger, these devices offer the opportunity to find deals on freebies at local businesses. Passengers can then inform their driverless car to stop at a restaurant or other establishment to take advantage of the sale or deal. 

As technology continues to make advances, people will be able to use driverless vehicles to get wherever they want to go. They will also have the ability to get geo-targeted in-vehicle ads geared toward them while on their trip. The limits to what the ridesharing vehicles of the future can and will provide is endless.