Globally businesses of all sizes are in the eternal search to reach current customers and generate potential client leads. Sticking to the old tried and true marketing and advertising techniques can be beneficial but not as successful as turning to more modern options, such as a digital media agency. A media agency of this sort understands the importance and potential reach that comes with utilizing the internet, smart phones and other mobile devices to reach both a current and potential client base.
How Digital Media Agencies Help
A smart digital media agency understands the importance of reaching out to people on their smart phones and mobile devices. This can be done via ads on social media sites and well as being done through in-vehicle advertising. With people taking their smart phones and mobile devices with them virtually everywhere it is possible to generate ads that reach people on the go.
There are digital media agencies who understand that one way to reach people to generate potential leads is to get their attention during their commute. There are countless opportunities to even send targeted ads to individuals that use Uber or Lyft to get to a broad array of destinations. Why is rideshare advertising so important? Based on reports individuals that typically turn to the likes of Uber and Lyft are a group of individuals that tend to have more disposable income and feel more comfortable with starting and completing e-commerce transactions.
A passenger that hires an Uber to take them out to eat with friends is more inclined to have their interests piqued by a targeted ad on their mobile device or installed iPads or tablets in the vehicle. Media agencies and marketing teams can generate geo-fences to geo-target passengers using an Uber within a designated area in a city or town. An alert can go off on their smart phone or the installed tablet in the rideshare vehicle. The passenger then has the opportunity to respond to the advert, either by reading something, watching a video, commenting or making a purchase.
When interactions are made, leads are generated and in some cases clicks are turned into conversions. The brand’s name gets further exposure, the new client gains a new product or service, and the rideshare vehicle driver also benefits.
The Future of Advertising
Although the standard forms of marketing will always be in use, it is apparent that there is a need for the utilization of digital media agencies. As long as people have their smart phones and have access to mobile devices, such as iPads in rideshare vehicles, brands will be able to reach current and potential customers with new advertising opportunities afforded by the likes of Viuer and digitial media agencies.