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Expanding Brand Reach - Geofences and Beacons Advertising

Successful businesses of any size are aware that advertising and marketing are essential to reaching current and potential consumers. The viewing of commercials, even on paid streaming television services, is quite common. These commercials reach out to mass numbers of viewers in an effort to increase the sale of goods and services. More technology based, and forward thinking companies, such as We Are Nexen, are gearing towards another outlet to help expand the reach of different brands. They are implementing an open network that utilizes geofences and beacons. Companies like We Are Nexen are aware that old school advertising is nothing compared to the future of beacon and geo-targeted ads.

Geofences & Beacons
In the world of mobile advertising the utilization of geofences and beacons means the difference between specific, targeted reach to mass audiences and personalized and individually targeted audiences.

Geofences – Geofences is a form of technology that helps with location based targeting of specific areas through a virtual fence.  When a geofence is established in a mall, airport, a specific area of a city, mobile devices that enter or exit the virtual fence area, interaction with those devices occur via Wi-Fi signals and GPS.
The data collected from geofences affords marketing agencies and brands with the ability to get very specific and real-time data with relation to mobile users who enter and exit targeted areas established by a geofence. This data assists in the generation of push notifications on mobile devices for people in and out of the virtual fence. It also helps in the improvement of app interaction for the mobile device user.
Beacons – Beacons are devices that can be placed in a broad array of locations. They can be placed within vehicles, in stores, airports, subways and more. Beacons purchased from We Are Nexen are battery operated. These batteries have a typical lifespan of 2 years. Beacons send out signals over Bluetooth technology when an application on a mobile device triggers the signal to be sent. Information is transmitted via the mobile devices internet connection.
These signals afford for the start of interaction between partners or brands using the beacon and the mobile device. The individual user has the ability to see ads, alerts, and offers from specific companies that may trigger an interaction. This interaction may start with the viewing of a video, which generates interest, and the user goes on to make a purchase. This conversion leads to customer loyalty and customer rewards. It also helps improve the relationship and trust with the brand.
When it comes to mobile ads, times are changing. The use of geofences and beacons allow for the individual connection between a brand and a mobile device user. Brands get important information regarding the habits of current and potential consumers, while the consumers benefit in the form of discounts, freebies, and other deals. All parties involved benefit from this technology and things will only get better for everyone.




Beacons: A new tool for Mobile Advertising

At one time in history, the most important beacons were lighthouses. Their bright light helped bring ships out to see safely to land. Today, thanks to technology, beacons have a completely different meaning. Beacons of the modern age are becoming important tools for geo-targeted-ads. 

The Basics of Beacons:

Companies like Nexen are becoming part of one of the newest and most effective marketing techniques by using beacon devices. These devices help with proximity marketing. A beacon is a device that can be installed in a vehicle and additional locations. Once the beacon is installed and operational it acts as an important signal. This signal is transmitted via BLE, Bluetooth Low Energy. Any smart phone, or mobile device with Bluetooth enabled will receive this signal. It is essential that mobile device users understand that the beacons will have no impact on their personal device if Bluetooth is not enabled.

What does the signal do? The beacon’s signal will discover the location of the mobile device courtesy of installed applications with location-based notifications on. With the location of the device discovered, the device user will receive push notifications and mobile ads. The most important aspect to these ads is that they will not be random in the sense they will be for just any business. With beacon advertising, the in-vehicle advertising will be based around the vehicle, and the mobile device owner’s, current location. 

Utilizing beacons allows companies that have partnered with them to better understand their client base. Furthermore, the beacons allow for the delivery of more personal and relevant mobile ads, as opposed to blanket ads that are commonly used to cover a large geographical area. This more personalized form of mobile advertising allows the marketing teams of companies to give their client base exactly what they want, when it is relevant and useful.

What Role Does Nexen Play in Beacon Ads?

Many companies have already found many different locations for their beacons. Subways, airports, stores and the like are common locations for beacons offering push notifications and geo-targeted-ads to consumers. Nexen realized that the majority of those locations were not mobile. This realization, and the increased use of rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft, opened their eyes to a new way to bring out-of-home (OOH) entertainment to mobile users. 

By providing an open network and beacons to Uber and Lyft drivers, companies have a new way to reach their client-base. While commuting, if the passenger has a mobile device with Bluetooth enabled they will receive specialized ads from brands partnering with Nexen. The Brand will receive specific information related to that user, including their location and their interests. If an ad appears on the Uber passenger’s cell phone for a movie trailer and the trailer is then watched, the brand may offer the user a discount or something free in exchange for an online order.  The user could be for tickets for the movie at a movie theater near the passenger. Upon purchasing the tickets, the company will receive additional relevant information and in return give the Uber passenger a free soundtrack, or other additional bonus for their purchase.

The Big Picture

Nexen and its ability to offer beacons and an open network is a game changer. They have proven to be a topnotch provider of OOH entertainment. Nexen offers a powerful tool for mobile advertising, brands are afforded an opportunity to target individuals through their specific needs, and mobile device users get special offers geared directly to them. There is no doubt that in the world of marketing one of the best new tools around is the beacon.



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