Have you ever traveled to a city on vacation or business, even a spontaneous trip, and had no clue what to do or where to go? You might go into a local gas station, or ask the desk clerk at your hotel accommodations for recommendations on places to eat. Perhaps you want to know where to go shopping, or what fun activities to do with the family. You are bound to get some recommendations. In hotels you can typically find a display with dozens of assorted pamphlets that outline different areas of interest in the area. Those are all great options, but it might not be the solution you need.
An Unlikely Solution
There are options out there to help you find the venues and activities that will make your trip ideal. Word of mouth is great, so are those handy little pamphlets, but one of the most helpful resources out there is found in ridesharing advertising.
Imagine for a moment that you are on a business trip. You do not know the area and do not want to deal with traffic or getting lost so you contact Uber. Your Uber driver will transport you to and from wherever you need to travel. If they are involved with companies such as Viuer, you will have the opportunity to experience in-vehicle advertising.
Many ride-sharing companies are implementing auto ads into their vehicles. This is possible through the installation of tablets or iPads. These mobile devices are available for the passenger to use throughout their time in the vehicle. With companies such as Viuer, those mobile devices will feature assorted ads in which the passenger can interact. Passengers using these tablets or iPads in new cities will have the opportunity to get personalized information and deals for local businesses.
Through simple interaction with the mobile device a stranger visiting in a new town might be granted a great deal on a great restaurant only locals know about. The geo-targeted ads could also alert the passenger to a local business that suits their entertainment or business needs. In another case, someone visiting a new city might want to look up specific businesses anonymously from the iPad provided.
The Deals You Want Are At Your Fingertips
Whether you are turning to ridesharing vehicles because you are in a strange city, you do not own a car, or your car is temporarily out of commission deals a plenty await. By spending a little time looking at the installed tablet in an Uber, the passenger has the opportunity to get discounts, freebies, and other items during their trip. It only takes a bit of interaction to get targeted ads for the things you may, or may not, be looking for while out.

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