In the center of the state of Nevada is the city of Las Vegas. Common monikers for the popular tourist city include Sin City, The Entertainment Capital of the World, and The Gambling Capital of the World. Each year an estimated 42 million domestic and international travelers make their way to the famous city.  Visitors to Las Vegas go there for a multitude of reasons. They go there for conventions, spontaneous weddings, the phenomenal shows, gambling, and even the glorious national parks near the active city.

Transportation Demands

When millions of people descend on a location, such as Las Vegas, they are going to demand certain accommodations and services. Transportation from McCarran International Airport to the traveler’s hotel accommodations is essential. For many travelers the easiest and fastest way to get to their desired location is by hailing a cab or contacting a rideshare service such as Uber or Lyft.

Statistics from a 2018 convention in Las Vegas showed that of the nearly 30 thousand pickups made at McCarran for the convention nearly 11,500 of those pickups were courtesy of rideshare vehicle drivers with Uber or Lyft. In addition to all of the pickups, there were a total of 184,000 attendees to the convention.  All of these people were in need of transportation to get around the city. One cannot forget the thousands of other people living in or visiting the city during the convention that had their own transportation needs. With so many people in need of transportation it is quite apparent that there is a tremendous market for taxicabs, limos, and rideshare vehicles.

Taking a Risk

The market potential in a city like Las Vegas is staggering. Companies on a large and small scale have the ability to tap into a tremendous pool of new and potential customers. Marketing teams who weigh the potential for impressions and conversions with rideshare advertising will realize choosing this form of marketing is a sure thing.

When turning to a professional company of Viuer’s caliber, companies can utilize two different forms of advertising.  Viuer offers external and in-vehicle ridesharing advertising options. Professional decals placed on an Uber of Lyft vehicle can expand potential reach exponentially. In this particular form of advertising individuals who are not passengers of that particular vehicle may find themselves drawn to the vibrant and eye-catching displays. Wherever the rideshare vehicle goes with external advertising they have the opportunity to capture the attention of potential audiences that could lead to impressions and conversions.

In-vehicle advertising affords for the opportunity for one on one interaction with the rideshare passengers. While on their way to different events and locations throughout Vegas, passengers have the opportunity to view and interact with ads on installed tablets. Passengers will have access to ads targeted to specific locations courtesy of geofence technology. Rideshare passengers also have the ability to interact with targeted ads on their personal smartphones while traveling from one location to the next.

The Bottom Line

Las Vegas is a city that sees millions of people visit annually. These tourists, as well as locals, need transportation to and from the many different venues on their itinerary. Trusted rideshare drives have the ability to safely transport these people to and from their conventions, powerhouse shows, concerts, weddings, and much more. With so many trips necessary, ad agencies and companies have the ability to zero in on targeted audiences that are almost guaranteed conversions. Through in-vehicle and external advertising on Uber and Lyft vehicles, those same companies and agencies have the capability to drastically increase their monthly impressions and conversions. The bottom line is, companies that venture into rideshare advertising are sure to hit it big in the city of Las Vegas.