In the world of ridesharing advertising platforms Viuer is among the best. Viuer’s innovative technology has allowed numerous companies and marketing agencies to get their ads in front of rideshare passengers using both Uber and Lyft. Now the in-vehicle advertising leader is expanding its reach by partnering with Minicabit.

What Is Minicabit?

People need to use a taxi or a cab from time to time. In those instances it can be difficult to find the lowest rates possible without spending a lot of time making random phone calls. Minicabit has come in to save a person from the time and aggravation that goes into locating the cheapest fare from one location to another. Here’s how it works.

The potential passenger enters all relevant information including:

Locations for pickup & drop-off

Date & Time

Number of passengers (luggage if applicable)

Once this is complete a list of quotes appears for the passenger(s) to choose from. These quotes come from active cab and taxi drivers around the UK. All that remains is for the potential passenger to select the cab that best fits their needs. With 50,000 vehicles in the Minicabit network - minicab passengers are going to benefit from the competitive prices offered from the assorted local rideshare vehicles. 

Benefits for the Partnership between Viuer and Minicabit

The partnership between Viuer and Minicabit is one that is going to benefit all parties involved. Viuer has the opportunity to expand the number of auto ads that taxi passengers view and interact with during their ridesharing trips. This can lead to increased impressions for the companies and agencies that turn to Viuer’s ridesharing advertising platform for their marketing needs. 

Passengers have the opportunity to benefit from the lowest cab fares available via the easy to use Minicabit. Passengers also benefit from the reduction of stress and time associated with finding the lowest rates for cab rides available. Furthermore, passengers that book a ride with a vehicle tablet advertising offered by Viuer have the opportunity to see and interact with ads during their travels. These ads may allow them to receive free offers or discounts from assorted establishments near to, or where the passenger is being dropped off.

The big winner in the partnership between Viuer and Minicabit is the passengers that turn to ridesharing vehicles when they need a ride. Passengers get the rides they need to and from airports, restaurants, other businesses, and private homes.