As a company, we are not trying to replace the use of smartphone devices on rideshare vehicles; alternatively, we are providing an advertising solution that will not only attract the eyes of potential customers, but more importantly will convince them to interact with the adverts on a level that has not yet been done before with modern day physical ads. This interaction not only increases the level of engagement with the tablet, but also serves as a medium for entertainment. Studies have shown that when entertainment is combined with advertisement, the effectiveness of the adverts increases by over 200 percent. Entertainment builds emotion and creates an experience. When you are able to create an emotional experience, the viewer is more likely to remember whatever message the advertiser is trying to impose. At Viuer, we believe that technology has allowed advertisement to be taken to a whole new level of engagement. This has been clearly applied on the internet, but now that we have access to internet connectivity pretty much anywhere, we can begin to apply these effective internet ads on a physical level as well by the use of tablet devices. Technology and the internet has allowed companies and advertisers to guide their audience wherever they choose to. With modern day websites we can control where we want our customer to go and what we want them to look at by using unique layouts, colors, figures among other tools. Moreover, we can extract data such as number of clicks or conversions, number of views or impressions, time spent on each page, and much more in order to accurately measure the effectiveness of each advertisement. By using tablet devices, we can also begin to extract this data on a physical level and potentially charge companies for adverts only by conversions. This decreases the amount of investment companies spend on physical adverts and sequentially increases their return on investment. Internet application to physical ads is the future of advertisement and Viuer believes that its presence in rideshare vehicles is just the beginning..