Uber as a company has grown so rapidly that the actual name of the company has now become a verb in and of its own. Passengers and Uber clients are beginning to use the phrase "Uber it" as I will Uber my way home or we will"Uber it" to your house. Viuer estimates roughly nearly 400,000 rideshare drivers in the United States alone, and close to 1 million of the same throughout the entire world. At the end of last year they estimated a growing pase of 50,000 drivers per month continuing to climb exponentially. This means that in the unites states alone, there are around 2,000,000 trips per day in the Unites States alone.

What exactly does this mean for the Ad agencies and companies?

This gives us a total of approx. 1,460,000,000 possible impressions to capture in the United States alone. These impressions are validated, and come with a great amount of data regarding the purpose of the captive audiences trip. Brands from pharmaceuticals, consumer package goods, food, brews, finance and retailers should be jumping for joy. Transparent digital outdoor advertising with metrics has arrived. Welcome to a world with Viewswagen. - See more at: http://www.viewswagen.com/news/#sthash.9CjwI9Ut.dpuf